What is My Laptop Screen Size? (Ways to Find out)

Let me guess why did you happen to ask “What is my laptop screen size?”. Perhaps you are making a purchase i.e. possibly an anti-glare/eye-protective glass, maybe a bag for a laptop, or perhaps you have to answer someone’s this query. Well whatever, but you have at least come to inquire about your laptop’s size by chance.

Nonetheless, having a rough idea about these things is worth having. Now, you might be thinking about how to measure a laptop’s size i.e. its display size.

Don’t overthink dude for I am here to help you out in this regard.

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How to Measure Laptop Screen Size?

I have got the answer!

There are two straightforward ways.

#1. Measuring the Screen Size via a Measuring Tape

Thinking about the second technique? Oh c’mon, first thing first! Learn how can you measure the screen with a measuring tape, first. Check out below.

Think and work diagonally. Place your measuring tape on the top right corner of the screen and stretch it down to the bottom left corner. No vertical, no horizontal. Just diagonal tape placement. Keep in mind two things:

  • Make sure that you measure only the flaunty display area and not the extra side edges, the body, also known as bezels.
  • You have to measure in inches, a proper screen measuring unit.

#2. Find Out the Screen Size Without Measurement

How? Look further below.

Of course, you can find out the size of your laptop’s screen even without measuring it physically. Let me show you how!

Every laptop has a specific Model Number and you are supposed to seek it out, foremost. Don’t worry about that. Turn your laptop upside down, there will be a sticker having the “Model No.” and other mandatory information on it. If not, you can get it via the user manual of the laptop. Anyway, just somehow obtain the Model Number.

Search it on the web. You will get absolute and complete information about your laptop over there. Seek out the distinct “Specifications” page and then check display specs, that is where you will find out the actual and accurate screen size of your laptop.

This is how it is done.


#3. Screen Size in Pixels – The Resolution

Well, we have learned how can we measure the visible screen size of a laptop. But do you know there are else’s things too?

Yeah, the concrete part i.e. the screen itself is measured always in inches, certainly. But there is something else, i.e. measurement of the quality of the display, measurement of what we see on screen, and how it looks.

This is what we called the resolution and it is the number of pixels in the display, horizontally and vertically. This number is often described in figurative terms i.e. 1920 x 1080 which means 1920 pixels horizontally whereas 1080 pixels vertically.

Pixels are the basic particles of a digital image and display etc. The maximum number of pixels a screen exhibits, the clearer will be the display result.

Am I guessing right???

Are you thinking about it and asking “What is my laptop’s screen size in pixels?”

Now things look easy. But still, the question (What is my laptop screen size?) is not clear. Well, let me help you find the answer.

Finding your Laptop’s Screen Size in Pixels

You can easily find out your laptop’s resolution. My way to do it and I would recommend it to you as well, sums up in three simplest steps i.e.

  1. Either Go to “Settings” and seek out the “Display settings” tab. Or right-click somewhere on your screen’s empty area and check the “Display Settings” below the “refresh” button.
  2. Wherever found, click on it and dive down into the display settings.
  3. There you will see the “Display Resolution” with a drop-down having the figures i.e. 1920 x 1080 or 1366 x 768, etc.

Whatever numbers you see there, that is your screen’s size in pixels. The higher the figures, the smoother and crystal clear will be the display.

Otherwise, you can search on the web for “what is my screen resolution” and there are certain websites, you open them and they automatically figure it out but yeah, that could be erroneous so better go for the aforementioned process.

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If you are someone new and completely new to the laptop or computer world, this article is a must-read.

I have helped you out in measuring your screen’s resolution i.e. the clarity and smooth display and also assisted you in measuring the tangible screen’s size so that whenever you go for purchasing a protective glass for your laptop or its case or whatever else, you oughtn’t will have to ask for such queries and helps from others. Check it out and learn these measurements, be it in pixels or inches. I hope things will get clear after reading this article “What is my laptop screen size” and “How to measure it”.

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