Lenovo vs HP Laptops – (Full Comparison)

Any idea about the “Lenovo vs HP” rivaling history? Let me start with what the stats say!

HP, Hewlett-Packard, an American company founded in 1939, remained the World’s leading PC manufacturer from 2007-2013. Lenovo, a china based company founded in 1984 in Beijing, snatched the title in 2013. HP again took over in 2017, but after just a brief period, Lenovo, in 2018, again took the grasp. Since then, we are seeing such ruthless competition between both of them.

Although we know that businesses always compete with one another, and that’s how we witness unique innovations and novelties. That’s how it is going, and you never know what marvel each coming day will bring for you. But that contest between Lenovo and HP is such a nerve-wracking one.

The point is that, if amid all this, you search the query, let’s suppose, best laptop for (whatever), you will see these two popping up in the results. Won’t it be a tough decision to make, then? It will be!

But no worries since I’ve made it easy for you by providing you with a balanced comparison. Check it out below.

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Standards for Comparison – Lenovo vs HP Laptops

Dominating a market means that the company provides some unbeatable product features. Even though Apple is on the top, Lenovo and HP are prevailing because they are the best overall, but still, there are things we can consider to compare them and see which one is beating the second, how, and where.

  • Components and internal technicalities
  • Screen and display
  • Product Variety
  • Pricing
  • Design and Durability
  • After-sale service

Let’s now get started.

1. Components

What we mean when we say components is the sum of a laptop’s processor, memory, storage, and battery. Most of the time, these are the traits compared while a purchase is made. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for.


No doubt that a laptop’s internal and technical capabilities depend on the amount you pay for it, i.e. if you opt for a low-priced laptop, you’ll get just an average processor and other things, and vice versa for the high-priced and expensive ones.

Still, Lenovo gets an edge in providing you with some adequate attributes even in its fairly inexpensive laptops compared to other brands. Lenovo powers you up with advanced and useful features to optimize your laptop’s performance quite easily.


Same as that of any other brand, i.e. tons of unmatched components and specs in those highly-priced and proficient laptops, whereas just average ones in those with low prices. However, HP leads in terms of battery performance.

The battery stand of its laptops is quite better than that of Lenovo, but yeah, HP still needs to provide you with those features that Lenovo provides in their cheap laptops too.

2. Screen and Display

Lenovo vs HP, the competition is just started. Let’s discuss the graphics more. The visual and display quality is key in the overall experience associated with a gadget, whether a mobile or a laptop.


Though most of the Lenovo laptops have NVIDIA Graphics support, it lags in this department if seen holistically. Most often, you won’t find stunning displays in Lenovo’s in-budget and low-end laptops. It doesn`t mean you will not find the best visual quality here, but you will definitely have to pay more for it. Lenovo tries to be much more business-oriented, not gaming or entertainment-oriented, so its average laptops don’t focus much on on-screen quality.


HP is unprecedentedly leading here. You, for certain, would have to pay some extra bucks for HP compared to Lenovo but believe me, you won’t regret it. With decades of experience, HP has been highly focused on providing stunning displays and visuals. And if you are a gamer or buying a laptop for entertainment purposes, HP is your only option.

3. Product Variety

They provide a wide variety of laptops and serve the needs of everyone, i.e. a, businessman, an office worker, a student, a gamer, or whatever else. You will find both brands doing well and covering a broader audience.


Lenovo is quite praiseworthy when it comes to product diversity. It has a wide variety of products. Massively admired for being so a perfectly professional and business-oriented brand, you will find several convertible and easily portable laptops for business, office, or education purposes. It has launched the Legion series with laptops carrying many high-level specs perfect for gamers. It also has a diverse provision of Chromebooks, and most of the Chromebooks are convertible.

If you are a businessman, a student, or anyone who is always on the go, you would be a better option for Lenovo.


Going hand in hand with Lenovo, HP also caters to the needs of everyone. You will find a solution in HP’s arena regardless of your requirements. HP has a wide range of 2-in, easily portable business laptops for professional users. Several high-end and gaming-grade laptops, such as the HP Omen series, etc., are ideal for gamers.

The only flaw is that HP’s Chromebooks, most of the time, are not convertible, but still, they are so powerful that you will love having them.

4. Pricing

The product’s price is one of the most important factors being considered while purchasing. You will find Lenovo a much more favorable one in terms of pricing.


Lenovo takes care of your budget and affordability and is just a perfect option if you are in quest of the best laptop for all your requirements but have a lower budget. Being provided with many options, you can find the best feature-packed laptop even in a comparatively low price range. And you will find it perfectly and fluently meeting all your demands.

So if you are looking for a laptop to compensate for your normal day-to-day tasks and can not afford an expensive one, you better opt for Lenovo. Otherwise, those with high specs will certainly cost you higher.


Quite an expensive brand compared to Lenovo. You will definitely find the best of the attributes in HP’s laptops, but you will unquestionably have to pay them a bit higher amount. If you are a price-oriented person or someone with a low budget, you will find a laptop that would not meet your expectations or won’t find one in HP’s stream.

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5. Design and Durability

Design and Durability are two distinct traits. Design means the aesthetics and the ability to attract someone, whereas durability is the ability to undergo contusions, perform well, and last longer.


Besides a wide variety of products, Lenovo has been highly focused on the looks of its laptops too. You will find many stunning colors and designs here, along with compactness. So if you rave for looks and style, go for Lenovo because it can satisfy your craves.

Durability, although not bad, is still average compared to HP. The stylish Lenovo laptops are not that sturdy and muscular, so if you are an adventurer, I would say Lenovo isn’t your choice. Otherwise, they are much more durable regarding performance and functionality.


Relative to Lenovo, HP lags in the design sector. The products provided by HP are quite simple and sleek, be it the laptop, the Chromebook, or whatever else. But still, they are so beautifully designed that you will be captivated by their sleekness. HP tries to make all its products simple yet eye-catchy, but most are heavy comparatively.

The durability assurance by HP surpasses that of Lenovo. All the HP products, especially laptops, are so strong and sturdy that if you are someone on a mission to explore the world or adventuring, HP is my suggestion. You can’t question these laptops’ physical strength and sturdiness or internal capability.


6. After-Sale Service

In the Lenovo vs. HP comparison, the last and the most important is how the company deals with its customers. I think this is the most important factor that shapes a customer`s behavior to either remain loyal to a brand or abandon it.


Even so, Apple is unmatched in its after-sales customer support, but Lenovo seconds it. You’ll barely face any issues regarding customer support at Lenovo. They provide incomparably quick and quality customer support and are considered the best in this aspect.


HP could be better in terms of customer support. Many users worldwide complain about and are unhappy with HP’s after-sale service. If you confront any issue and call the customer care center, many say you would be vexed contacting and accessing the customer care representative. Yes, it is believed that their customer support is quite responsive and praiseworthy via Social media platforms.

Final Words

The article aimed to provide you with a very unbiased comparison between the tech/computer giants, i.e., Lenovo and HP. If you have read the whole article, don’t read any further since it is just a recap of all that, but if you have skipped the article, you must read these few lines.

When to go for which one?

If you can afford it, go for HP laptops. Why? Because you will experience quite an unseen and stunning visual display, they are much more sturdy and overall durable; they can be easily repaired due to their massive market presence and universally available spare parts and can deliver efficient results throughout.

And if you can not afford the expensive gadgets but still looking for a graded laptop, go for Lenovo. Lenovo is the only choice if you are always on the go since it has tons of compact, easily portable, business-oriented, and 2-1 laptops with quite cool and captivating colors and designs. They are also durable and, most importantly, matchless and unrivaled customer support provided by Lenovo.

Do comprehend your needs and make an intelligent choice!

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