How To Rotate Screen On Dell Laptop? Step By Step

Whether working on your Dell laptop or browsing the internet, sometimes pressing incorrect keys on your keyboard can conjure up functions you may need to be more familiar with.

These functions or actions may range from changing your resolution, brightness change, or even rotation of the whole screen. 

Now, I understand that it may be a little embarrassing or even come off as a weird situation to doze off on your laptop while you may be working in the middle night and wake up to a completely opposite-oriented screen.

In that case, fixing it to its original spot may be tricky. It may seem more challenging because now, you have your screen rotated to a different angle. Your cursor is acting weird because it no longer takes input from its original direction on your touchpad.

This is why I have curated this article on how to rotate screens on Dell laptops, to remedy this issue for my less tech-savvy individuals.

So What Should I Do?

You could rotate your whole laptop and use it at an angle it has its screen oriented at; however, that might sound incredibly absurd and non-feasible. Nonetheless, it is still applicable if you don’t want to follow the steps below to guide you to mend the situation.

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Rotate Screen On Dell Laptop

Steps On How To Rotate Screen On Dell Laptop

Here are some things you can do to rotate your screen back to its original orientation.

1. Identify The Graphics Driver

Even though the operating system in almost every Windows-based machine/laptop is the same, the keys that send the inputs and ensure the command performs its task and is displayed on the screen are quite different.

And sometimes may work differently than intended altogether, so identifying the sort of graphics driver you have installed might be handy.

In General, you may have installed 3 types of Display drivers,

  • Intel-based Display drivers
  • AMD-based Display drivers
  • Nvidia-based Display drivers

2. Changing The Rotation Of the Screen

Once you have determined the type of Graphics driver you have, you will have to press the appropriate keys to change the direction of your screen to rotate it back to normal.

However, to cater to my fans alike, I will list all three methods, so scroll down and follow whichever suits best for you.

For Intel-Based Drivers

Since there are four possible orientations for a screen, here are the keys you need to press for default screen rotation; remember, you have to press them in combination for them to work.

Upright Position Default Position

To rotate your screen upright, press “Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow” on your keyboard simultaneously until you see a screen flash.

90 degrees clockwise Position

To rotate your screen in 90 Degrees Clockwise position, Press “Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow” on your keyboard simultaneously until you see a screen flash.

180 degrees upside down Position

To rotate your screen in 180 Degrees Clockwise position, Press “Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow” on your keyboard simultaneously until you see a screen flash.

270 degrees counter-clockwise Position

To rotate your screen in 270 Degrees Clockwise position, Press “Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow” on your keyboard simultaneously until you see a screen flash.

– For Nvidia Drivers

To rotate your screen, right-click on your screen and enter Nvidia Control Panel, 

  • Click on 3D Settings and press on the drop-down menu.
  • Now In that drop-down menu, click on the Display settings until you find “Rotate Settings.”
  • Click “Rotate settings” and change the screen orientation, however you see fit.

– For AMD Drivers

Right Click on your desktop and enter AMD Catalyst Control Center, 

  • Click on Desktop Management and open the drop-down menu.
  • Now, Find the Desktop Properties and click on them.
  • On the right, Change the screen’s orientation; however, you see suitable.

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Can I Disable Screen Rotation

Even though it may look like a utility that comes in handy, the screen rotation option is pretty much useless, especially if you are rocking a laptop because, as mentioned above, you cannot just place or turn your laptop upside down and use it.

  • So to turn it off, go to your proprietary Graphics drivers software such as Intel, AMD, or Nvidia.
  • And click on Display settings and Toggle Display rotation.
  • There you have it, and after toggling it off, you won’t be able to change the rotation of your screen, no matter which combination of keys you may press.

Final Word

So that’s all, folks; I hope this guide about how to Rotate the screen on a Dell laptop was well worth your time and wasn’t confusing enough to turn your mind upside down( No Pun Intended). That being said, If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section below, we would be happy to help.

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