Are ThinkPads Good For Gaming?

Although my ThinkPad machine is mighty overall, I would still say that ThinkPads are good for casual gaming!

Just like we all know that different brands and different laptop series are made for specific market spheres, the ThinkPad range is mainly designed for professional people, i.e., for business use, etc. I didn’t pay attention to this; I thought these were good gaming machines as well; I bought one, but now regret my investment.

You’ll, no doubt, find the ThinkPad series extremely reliable and sturdy, for its laptops features some ultimate security attributes and other novel things in them, which is why it is considered one of the most expensive laptop series.

Hence, despite spending some really heavy bucks here, you still won’t find a perfect gaming machine if you are a professional and seasoned gamer.

Let’s now check out what you expect from a gaming machine and why Lenovo’s range is not considered best for gaming purposes.

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A Pro Gaming Laptop is Believed to Have

Gamers are said to be sharply observant and picky people when it comes to the specs that they expect from a laptop they are gonna buy.

Besides the technical competencies, a gamer also needs some enchantingly crispy and nonpareil graphics too. To be honest, a laptop with a really wide and spacious screen is what I actually need so that I can enjoy all those graphics-intense games to the fullest and take full out of my 24/7 gaming sessions.

Hence for me, and definitely you too, a laptop carrying some such specs is what can be called a gaming laptop.

  • A powerful, at least Core i5 or i7 processor with the best single-thread performance and a 3GHz+ speed.
  • A mighty RAM and massive storage options for a smoother all-round performance, i.e., 16GB RAM and a combo of SSD + HDD, can be something cracking.
  • At least a 15 inched or a bigger, spacious screen for classy visual satisfaction.
  • A top-notch Graphics card and GPU for ultimate graphics processing, say NVIDIA’s Graphic cards, since these are the massively admired ones these days.
  • A standard-sized (most often) and perfectly gaming-grade keyboard.

See if the laptop is best in these traits. If it is, check your affordability and go for it, for I don’t think you would find any ground to reject it. Now the question is, “Are Thinkpads good for gaming?” well, let’s move to the discussion.

Why Is ThinkPad Series Not Good For Gaming

Notwithstanding that it’s powerful, it’s Lenovo’s one expensive laptop range. Although encompassing a number of different product series, you’ll mostly find a ThinkPad, best for heavy loads. These are technically powerful machines, with almost everyone carrying a strapping processor, less than 8GB RAM is pretty hard to find here, and the storage options here are quite supportive.

Succinctly saying, if it’s merely the power and competency that you need, the ThinkPad range leaves no stone unturned in compelling you to go for it. But not only that proves enough for a gamer.

Here are a few notable reasons why are ThinkPad not recommended for professional gamers.

  • You will find almost every ThinkPad laptop with a 14-inch or even smaller screen, i.e., quite insufficient for those expert gamers.
  • If not all, plenty of the ThinkPad laptops have got the simple Intel Graphics backing, whereas almost all such laptops favor NVIDIA’s Graphics support, for it is way better than any other. Hence your visual expectations won’t be, perhaps, met perfectly.
  • Despite the small screens and way substandard graphics performance, most ThinkPad laptops are highly pricey.

In ThinkPad’s arena, since it’s a businesspeople-oriented laptop range, the focus is mainly on improving security and privacy intactness by introducing novel security features. No doubt it’s good, but I think it’s more of a businessman’s concern rather than a gamer’s.

Hence paying high bucks just for these features but still not getting your visual craves satisfied, in my opinion, makes ThinkPads not that good for gaming.

My Verdict – Are Thinkpads Good for Gaming?

Based on my personal experience, I would suggest that if you are a schoolboy, a college or university chap, a businessman, or any other person who has not to do much with gaming and who plays games quite seldom, I don’t hesitate to say that ThinkPad is the best option for you.

It’s perfect for your needs and can thoroughly satisfy your part-time gaming craves as well.

But if you are sort of an expert gamer, hungry for those top-class and graphics-intense games, and into a gaming session all the time, you should instead go somewhere else.

If it’s only Lenovo that you adore, check out its Legion series. There are plenty of peerless gaming laptops in Lenovo’s this range, of which a few popular ones are the Legion 5, 7, 5i, and 7i, Legion Y520, Y540 and 740, Slim 7, and much more.

Besides, you also need not compromise on your budget as well. Yes, inculcating all the finest technical specs, unbeatable graphics performance, beautiful RGB backlit keyboards, and much more, the Legion will cost you quite suitable as compared to the pricey ThinkPad series. Nevertheless, the fact is still that you always get what you pay for.

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So, got it or not?

If you are still puzzled regarding your gaming laptop purchase and reckons if the ThinkPads are good for gaming or not, you perhaps have missed the article.

To give you a recap, the article was solely aimed at clarifying your confusion regarding the massively admired ThinkPad series. The confusion is that it’s a highly-priced and heavily feature-packed range, so it is perfect for gamers as well.

Actually, it isn’t!

I have discussed everything regarding why ThinkPad is a good choice for those casual and part-time gamers and why it is a bad choice for those always-on, top-class gamers.

Scroll up and acknowledge my efforts!

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